Tuesday, 2 August 2011

“My experience speaks for itself – why should I waste time on my CV?”

This is a question I have just been asked.  The gentleman in question is indeed an excellent candidate – very well-placed for a number of exciting and challenging roles.

However, even in areas where there is a skills shortage, it really does pay to step back and take an objective look at your CV.  So often, as our career progresses, we simply add a paragraph or two to our previous CV.  This can be fine, but the marketing industry evolves so fast that one is likely to need to place emphasis on different skill sets at different times and for different opportunities. 

It is easy to argue that CVs are merely a tool to secure interviews.  However, as a marketer, your CV highlights ‘brand you’ – so it deserves more than a little love! 

CVs are subjective but here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

-          Set out your CV in a structured, consistent and clear manner

-          Your CV is likely to be read on screen initially so avoid a text-heavy format which is difficult to read

-          Avoid unnecessary details (photo, religion, date of birth etc)

-          Include a brief personal statement but avoid vague comments such as “work well in a team or autonomously”

-          Use a reverse chronological order format

-          Don’t make assumptions.  It may be obvious to you that social media is a core part of your role but make sure you specify that on your CV, particularly if your CV is being initially assessed by HR

-          CVs should be 2-3 pages

-          Proof your CV, the majority of CVs include typos or inconsistencies – make sure yours doesn’t!

If you are considering a new on or offline marketing role and would like Fabric to assist with your search to find an agency or client-side role or feel that you would benefit from some career consultancy, please do get in touch. 

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