Monday, 8 August 2011

When is the right time to interview?

It may appear obvious – when you are losing interest in your current role, no longer learning or dreading going in to work – it’s time to get your CV out there and start interviewing.

However, it has struck me a number of times recently whilst interviewing candidates that they have simply got the timing wrong.

Interviewing too early is common at the moment.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

-          Have you really reached your potential in your current role?

-          Have you examined opportunities within your current organisation?

-          Have you achieved what you set out to achieve when you joined?

-          Are your motives to move temporary – e.g. quiet time in your sector, overworked whilst colleagues are recruited etc

Make sure your CV remains strong by not moving jobs every 12 months.  Conversely, don’t leave it too long.  I interviewed a delightful candidate some time ago – lovely, bright and great experience – but who HATED her current role.  Our conversation often came back to the negatives of her current job.   A real shame she hadn’t contacted me six months earlier. 

Worth remembering - talking badly about your current or most recent job is like going on a first date and launching in to a monologue about your charmless ex... 

A common mistake, when things are not going so well, is to write a new CV and apply for lots of jobs.  We would recommend at least attempting to address the issues in your current job before looking for a new one – you will be far more confident, be proud of your achievements and your enthusiasm will shine through. 

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- Tom Lakin, Marketing Division

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