Thursday, 6 January 2011

Records Management or Information Governance?

Twitter came into its own again yesterday when I spotted a re-tweet from FoIManUK of a post from Peter Kurilecz (RAINbyte), with a link to an excellent report of the ARMA International conference in San Francisco in November 2010. 
“It’s not your parents’ records management anymore. Old-fashioned library services, full of retention schedules and version control, recede into the wallpaper. Now new media, hosted solutions, e-discovery, contextual analytics, cloud computing and more converge, transforming records management into information governance.”

Among the many questions being discussed at the conference, the report highlights:
  • How can we build alliances with IT?
  • How can we harmonize record retention schedules across many continents?
  • How can we manage records in the cloud?
  • How can we produce Facebook correspondence for e-discovery?
  • How can we control derelict collaboration sites?
And there is also mention of “the threatening issue that almost no one mentions: long-term preservation of digital records”.

Overall the report’s conclusion is that traditional records management challenges aren’t getting any easier, while technology’s challenges are adding to the mix and have the potential to transform a records manager’s role.

- Nicola Franklin

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  1. How am I only discovering this now? That reports make the conference sound pretty groundbreaking. Thank you for the recommendation!