Monday, 31 January 2011

Innovative Monetisation – the future of Facebook?

The UK version  of Facebook Deals launches today. 

Whilst many of Facebooks attempts’ at change and innovation are met with online protests and increased requests for a dislike button, Facebooks latest offering in localised marketing may be the exception to the rule.  Big name advertisers are already signed up with a broad range of offers – Starbucks will be offering 30,000 free coffees today, Debenhams will give away 1000 beauty products, whilst Mazda will be giving away 5 cars.

How it works:  Facebook users are able to check on their Smartphone for places nearby via the Facebook Places feature – this will then show which venues have a deal.  Think of it as a cross between Groupon, a Tom Tom satnav and a cut out coupon.  Typically, users will then simply have to show their phone to serving staff.

What I like about this offering is that it really is marketing at its most relevant.  Not only is it localised but there are also different  types of deals – charity deals, loyalty deals, individual deals and friends deals.  In addition, it develops the role of Facebook even further, with many likely to use the site to save money, as well as connecting with friends/games etc.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and get my hands on a Mazda....
- Tom Lakin

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