Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Digital Marketing Recruitment

If I were a betting man (which, incidentally, I am not – I have many vices but betting is not one of them....), I would put my money on a few shake ups in digital recruitment this year.
Here are my predictions for 2011:

PPC & SEO  - Think there are still a lot of opportunities for intelligent search marketing in the UK.  Candidates with SEO or PPC will continue to have the pick of jobs with near endless agency or client side vacancies.

Ad Operations – Campaign management is key and the role Ad Ops/trafficking specialists play in this has long been underestimated.   Expect lots of opportunities for hands-on trafficking gurus in 2011.

Insight – Digital marketing is getting more and more targeted to reduce wastage and insight specialists will find their knowledge in much demand over the coming 12 months...

Mobile Marketers – With even my great aunt doing the weekly M&S shop on her iPad, this is officially no longer a niche channel.  Those with the experience, knowledge and passion will be snapped up.

Social media – I think we may begin saying goodbye to social media as a separate specific marketing tool and it will become an extension of digital marketing channels such as search.  Expect social media agencies to be snapped up by Media or PR agencies...

- Tom Lakin

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