Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Event – SLA Europe Summer Networking Party

Last night saw the annual summer gathering of SLA Europe members, this year at the same venue the group usually uses for its Winter Warmer Quiz, the City Tavern.

We were lucky enough that all four of the Early Career Conference Award winners were with us; Chris Cooper, Ned Potter (@thewikiman), Sam Wiggins and Natalia Madjarevic.  I had an interesting conversation with Chris about the merits of using Twitter to keep up to date with the latest goings-on in the library & information field and to keep in touch with colleagues met at conferences and other events. 

I had come to the event straight from a planning meeting with Mark Field (@b00kmark) and Conrad Taylor about the De-Fragmentation project.  Several people were interested to hear about the latest developments and plans to engage the various information groups and associations to create some concrete outcomes, particularly to improve advocacy for the profession as a whole.
Sara Batts gave a short welcome speech and introduced the award winners to everyone, then it was time for the food!  It was a lovely spread, including chips and salad so you could be as wicked or healthy as you wanted... I have to admit to sneaking a few chips onto my plate!  The chocolate cake for afters was tempting as well...

- Nicola Franklin

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