Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All eyes on Qatar

All eyes on Qatar

Qatar is the richest nation on the planet. It processes fifteen percent of the world’s gas reserves. Its government has been aggressively investing in infrastructure and is working towards diversifying its economy. It is experiencing a boom in construction that is providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of expat workers from around the world.

In July, international property services company DTZ issued its second quarter review of the Qatari real estate market, concluding, "Robust economic and population growth continues to drive demand for real estate across all asset classes."

This is superb news for the PR industry. All of the world’s major PR firms have their sights and investment budgets set on Qatar. London’s Blue Rubicon has launched its first Middle East office in Qatar this year and the majority of the established GCC players are there. The opportunities for PR practitioners are plentiful. Those with expertise in natural resources or corporate and financial PR should be thinking about Qatar as a career move. The nation’s success in winning the World Cup bid for 2022 and its focus on investing in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors means that there is also an increasing demand for consumer PR practitioners too.

Justin Kent - Managing Director

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