Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Creative Day at the Olympics

Today, July 31st 2012 – is Creative Day at London 2012.  No it’s not a new sport, it is a themed business summit organised by UK Trade & Investment which is designed to bring foreign investment into the UK.

This is one of 18 such summits being held during the games and Nick Baird, UK CEO of UKTI says it will bring in £1bn of investment during the period of the Olympics and Paralympics and £13bn over the next four years.  Great news and hats off to those involved, though I’m sure our media will treat them with a degree of cynicism.

This push for inward investment is exactly what the country needs and this positive drive for new business is exactly what UK plc should be doing.  After all it’s what the private sector does day in and day out.  Recognition for our world leading creative industry is also welcome.

If future governments of whichever colour can now simplify our tax system, reduce red tape on small businesses and encourage employment for both permanent and temporary staff then we really could develop a confident and vibrant country.  But do any of today’s politicians really strike you as courageous leaders with the strength to really change the way our country works? Or will they be blinded like so many, by party and not national interests.

Justin Kent - Managing Director

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