Friday, 26 November 2010

Back by popular demand!

After an intense but satisfying first few months at my new employer, Fabric, where I was expecting to be setting up a new division recruiting marketing staff for them, I have some incredibly exciting news. 
I am happy to say that it has now been agreed that I will instead be returning to the information industry, to set up a division recruiting records, information and knowledge managers for Fabric.  The firm already recruits PR, communications and digital staff, so information (content rather than architecture!) professionals is a natural extension for us.  A Marketing division is still also on the way, headed by someone else however.
This is an exciting time for the information profession, despite the concerns brought about by public sector uncertainties, with people from the various different ‘flavours’ of the profession collaborating and communicating as never before.  The discussion on the CILIP LinkedIn Group about the 'Fragmentation death of the information profession', for example, is leading to meetings to discuss how the various associations and groups might collaborate to create one more powerful voice for the profession.
Recruitment at Fabric is a premium service, based around consultants who are industry experts and focused on selecting exactly the right match of candidates to present in detail to client, rather than relying on a large and unweildy database of CVs.  I am looking forward to bringing this ethos, for a personal, tailored service on each and every vacancy, to the information industry.

- Nicola Franklin

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